Coming Chapters

  • Balls.  Barovsky and other member of the science department tease Jones, who is an easy victim.  The football teams tackles new problems.  Stretch meets Lyndsey Baggott the hard way.
  • The Front Office.  We meet who’s in charge.  Who could that be?  Principal Bunny?  Trustee Lindenhauser?  The Office Manager?  The Head Custodian?
  • Going Deep.  The football team’s problems are all solved.  All they need to do is steal the star quarterback away from their rivals at Chevalier.  But first Coach Kidd has to get the transfer approved.  He might have to resort to some creative footwork to pull it off.
  • Research Shows.  VP Doyle explains how students learn.  Research shows that students perform better when we don’t expect anything of them.
  • Ryan’s Taxonomy.  Jason Ryan, the new guy, takes on the suits at the Learning Centre
  • God and a Good Game Plan.  Coach Kidd and the Bengals find God.  But whose God?
  • Ryan’s Ascent.  Our boy learns to play the game.
  • Former Principal Murphy.  The Board’s motto:  Never admit defeat
  • Barovsky’s Hierarchy.  Superintendent White needs Barovsky to change school, but the old fart won’t change anything.  It is going to take a plan.
  • According to Doyle.  The VP has a little R & R in Winnipeg.  The logic behind Perceived Intelligence  is explained.
  • Divine Interception.  The Bengals play the worse team in the league.  Question:  Is God really on their side?
  • The Yearning Centre.  French immersion gets moved from one school to another and back again.  Why?  Because Director Holzbein can’t keep it in his pants.
  • The Self-Marking Test.   Roberts and Rickards are not as dumb as they appear.  Or are they?
  • White’s Law of Reciprocity.  If Superintendent White’s son Jordan is going to play university football next year, his marks will need to be  “adjusted”
  • Doyle’s Run.  We meet Billy Vandonkersgood, leader of the Phoenix Movement, which believes in tearing down schools in the ghetto.
  • Perkins’ Law of Genetics.  If Jordan is going to get the marks to get into university, he’s going to have to earn them.

And that’s just part one.                                                                                   


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